Full day tour to Sparta and Mystras you will have the chance to visist the place that has inspired  generetion,countries and so many others through the centuries.

The discipline,thrift,courage,strenght,honor,the war and the strategic supremacy across the centuries,are some of the Spartan superior skills that made them immortals for all times.

King Menelaus,Leonidas,Agisilaos are only a small sample of all the above.

Itinerary of the full day tour to Sparta,Mystras and Corinth Canal


Highlights of the Sparta and Mystras day tour

The birthplace of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans
The famous Corinth Canal
The importane of Mystras in Byzantine empire
A trip through the picturesque Greek countryside
English speaking guide
A 8 hours magnificent tour through modern and ancient history and myths

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  • Package Duration: 1 Day Tour

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