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For most people, Folegandros is an unexplored island. The arid, barren and rugged landscape of the island along with the cliffs and its turquoise beaches will fascinate you. If you visit Folegandros with a VIP rib boat you will have the chance to enjoy lots of various landscapes and daily trips around the island.



The morphology of the island is such that, despite its small size, it has many coves where you can bathe; others with sand and others with pebbles. Katergo, Agali, Agios Nikolas, Fira and Galifos beaches are idyllic beaches that can only be visited by a rib boat.


Moreover, the island has many churches worth visiting; in most of them access is only feasible by a rib boat.

Folegandros is located between Milos and Sikinos and is 22NM from the Santorini. This strategic position of the island makes it easy for you to visit quickly and comfortably all its surrounding islands by a rib boat.

Local food

Before leaving Folegandros do not forget to try the different types of pies made in the island as manouropites, cheese pies and kalasounia which is a kind of spicy onion pie. Local products such as fava, beans, lentils, beans and matsates, a pasta noodle, do worth to be tried as they are cooked with love and hospitality of the local people.

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Cruise Folegandros

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