See a list with top ten beaches in Greece.

1 – Balos

Balos (Chania, Crete)
It’s hard to describe the raw beauty of Balos beach. It’s soft white sandy landscape is kissed by turquoise, crystal waters, while the whole landscape is framed by dramatic islets and mountains. It’s off the beaten path but the several cruises that leave from Kissamos ensure easy and pleasant access (they even grill souvlaki for lunch on board!). The castle in the nearby island of Gramvousa adds to the mystique and beauty of the place. A rocky road can take your car near, and a fairly long footpath can take you there if you are not keen on joining the daily cruise boats.

2 – Sarakiniko

Sarakiniko (in Elafonisos Island, Peloponnese)
Amazing, clear water and soft golden sand makes for a great swimming experience at Sarakiniko. Simos beach is right around the corner and just as great of a beach! For such a tiny island, Elafonisos at the Southern end of Peloponnese offers three of the best beaches of Greece (Panagia beach is the third one), and just about the best looking water in the world.

3 – Navagio

Navagio (Zakynthos)
Another isolated beach that is only served by boats. Coarse white sand, deep blue waters, dramatic vertical cliffs, and large caverns awaiting snorkeling exploration are enough to make this one of the best beaches of Greece, but the embedded and decaying shipwreck in the middle make this beach a special one.

4 – Belegrina

Belegrina (Chrissi Island)
Chrysi is a small uninhabited island south of Crete that is blessed with an impressive array of beaches. The turquoise, crystal-clear waters and the white soft sand of Belegrina bay is the best of the lot. Despite Chrysi being an “uninhabited” island, it’s population balloons in the summer when a plethora of free-campers pitch their tents under the ancient “kedros” trees (despite their protected status) and thousands of day trippers arrive daily from Ierapetra, Crete (one hour trip) to indulge in the waters of Belegrina. The beach is at the edge of Europe, but definitely worth the trip. If you do go, don’t forget your snorkeling mask.

5 – Elafonissos

Elafonissos (Chania, Crete)
Two of the best beaches of Greece in one prefecture should not be allowed. But such is nature that it bestowed the west coast of Crete with beautiful beaches and sea. Elafonisos is way too crowded for being so far out of the way (our Garmin GPS thought we were in Libya!) in the south-western coast of Chania, but it has been developed with much sensitivity to the environment to make it worthy of a spot in our top ten. Besides, a short walk through the narrow, sandy channel will bring you almost all alone through foot trails and less than saturated beaches in the island of Elafonisos itself.

6 – Egremnoi

Egremnoi (Lefkada)
One of the best kept secrets of Greece. Beautiful scenery, crystal clear turquoise water, and soft white coarse sand make this beach one of the best to visit. Its out-of-the-way location on the West coast of Lefkada, and the thousand make-shift concrete steps down (and then up), separate the huge crowds from this beach. Excellent by all measures.

7 – Myrtos

Myrtos (Kefalonia)
Myrtos was voted as the best beach of Greece several years ago by the ministry of tourism visitors, and for good reason. Its fantastic water and bright-white pebbles are nested comfortably among steep cliffs on the west coast of Kefalonia.

8 – Finikas

Finikas (Kato Koufonisi)
The entire stretch of coast from Finikas to the northern tip of the island (Pori beach) is an Aegean dream for sunbathers, many of which prefer to swim the naturist way. Sand and rocks alternate effortlessly in this beautiful stretch of the tiny island.

9 – Plaka

Plaka (Naxos)
This endless patch of sand starts near the town of Naxos and runs down the entire coast of the island, almost all the way to the southern tip (or so it seems). A dirt road follows it down as it turns from crowded patches of organized parasol squares, to more and more isolated patches framed by large sand dunes.

10 – Papa Nero

Papa Nero (Pelion, Magnesia)
Lush green vegetation frames the brilliant white sand and the crystal clear water of Papa Nero beach. It is a very long beach, and the part closest to the town of Ai Giannis in Pelion is crowded and nothing to write home about. But walk about ten minutes to the other end of the beach and you’ll be enjoying some of the best swimming and sunbathing the Greek mainland has to offer.


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